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Me working on a design.

A few words from the founder

In February 2018, I created RGM RADART: a micro-business specialized in multilingual translation, graphic design and cyber-investigation.

I speak English and French fluently and understand Scandinavian languages, having studied them at Caen University from 2015 to 2018. My graphic designs are mainly inspired by old-school, my favourite tattoo style. As for investigations, I have succeeded in gathering information about a French LLC's falsified identity (cf. Cyber-Investigation page).
Such is the versatility of RGM RADART.

Completed projects

Graphic Design: 

- Digital and hand-drawn art for website logos and interfaces, tattoo and pin designs provided physically and digitally.

Translations and Editing:

- Bilingual translations and editing for web and mobile interfaces, partly in the .xml, as part of the online app generator and 1st Backbone Network MY AGEND’ART;

- Copywriting for the associated Social Network MY AGEND’ART;

- Translation of  CULTURAMA, a bilingual newsletter read worldwide.


- An investigation concerning abuse of trust, attempt at forgery and theft within a European LLC.

The sequence of letters RADART comes from three words: radar, art and, backwards, trad (fr.  translation, formed by clipping traduction). Each word corresponds to one of the three services provided by the micro-business RGM RAᗡAЯT: graphic design, translation and cyber-investigation, all of which are based on multilingual communication.

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