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Defend yourself and your business efficiently

The nature of cyber-investigation is research, selection and semantic-linguistic analysis in the context of legal information required by the Client. This research is based on targeted algorithms focusing on thematized key-words localizable in legal, financial and editorial online archives. The data extracted from balance sheets, accounts, declarations of cancellation, commercial transactions, executives, events, addresses, phone numbers – accessible to all and often traceable on public sharing spaces – is analyzed and compared with the data provided by the Client. Moreover, RGM RADART’s linguistic abilities enable access to international resources.


The files are compiled exclusively for legal defense and are therefore usable by the Client before or during legal procedures. Thus, they are used:


  • to provide a factual guarantee when the Client feels that he/she is the victim of litigation, scam or fraud, for example, in the framework of complaint filing,

  • to fortify the defense of the Client’s substantial rights before legal authorities.


Payment for this service is required only if the investigation's results are satisfying for the Client. The rate is €20/H which allows flexibility of remuneration depending on the difficulty of the case.

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