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Bring your creative ideas to life

RGM RADART creates personalized designs for all your projects: logos, banners, web interfaces, page decorations, postcards, (temporary) tattoos, t-shirts and more. Depending on the project, the finalized design can be sent as a physical original drawn on paper, or as digital copy. If the result is sent digitally, the file extension is to be specified by the Client. RGM RADART offers pixel-based compressed extensions [.jp(e)g, .ico, .gif, .png, .stl, .pdf], non-compressed extensions [.tiff, .bmp, .pcd, .raw, .psd, .pdf], and vector extensions [.svg, .pdf].

The tools used for digital drawing and compressed/uncompressed conversions are Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 by Adobe, Illustrator CC 2018 by Adobe and iPad SketchBook 4.3.0 by AutoDesk with the Adonit Pro3 digital pen. The tools used for physical drawings are Staedtler alcohol-based pens, Prismacolor pencils combined with tracing paper or 200g white paper.


The rate for any visual design, physical or digital, is €35/H. A deposit of 35% of the estimated price is sent before the start of work. The Client must specify size, style, format, colour, and reference photos when contacting RGM RADART.

The designs below represent RGM RADART’s graphic style:

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