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Communicate freely in the era of globalization

Legal, artistic, technical and literary translations are implemented between Russian, English, French, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish languages.


The text to be translated can be provided by the Customer and rendered by RGM RADART in .xml (categorized textual processing), .srt (standard for external subtitles), .html (web textual processing) and in the Word peripheral extensions (in a non-exhaustive manner, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx).


The rates do not depend on the target-language but on the register class of the provided document, which defines its generic complexity. The price list is divided as follows:


  • €0,10/word for literary-artistic register;

  • €0,14/word for technical register;

  • €0,15/word for legal register.


The defined rates include the editorial expertise (Text Quality Control, or TQC) in the concerned languages – from web interfaces to literary (press) publishing.

Otherwise, editorial expertise of any order – semantic, lexical, orthographic, syntactic or distributional (defined by the Zipf law) – or TQC, may be requested separately for any language treated in the context of translations. In this case, the rate depends on the time allocation and is fixed at €7/H. By extension, this rate can include the copywriting services such as advertising tagline scripting in the framework of the Client's project.

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